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Process Serving

We offer a service to Solicitors and the Legal Profession covering the North East, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Serving Court Documents

In a busy organisation, dealing with mountains of paperwork and many different procedures, have you ever thought how much time and effort you and your colleagues spend finding out:

  • Which Agency or Process Server covers a particular area
  • Whether they are competent and offer a high standard of service
  • Whether they can provide you with the service you require

At Abbey, we can control the service from the beginning right through to completion, offering a local and nationwide service using our network of agents and our dedicated team of professionals. One call and we will do the rest.

Competitive Fixed Fee

We undertake work on a Fixed Fee basis which is competitively priced and includes:

  • First attempt at service made within 24 hours of receipt of the documents
  • Up to 3 visits made to effect service
  • Letters of appointment if appropriate
  • Regular updates from your process server
  • Clear and accurate reports, Statements, Affidavits or Certificates of Service

We will consult you before incurring any further costs.

Legal Aid

For legally aided cases, relating to Family Law or the Children’s Act, we have set rates which can be provided on request.