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Private Investigations


Matrimonial Surveillance Investigations

Before hiring a private investigator most people already have concerns or suspicions regarding their relationship.

Maybe your partner has started behaving differently towards you, been vague as to their whereabouts and who they have been with, taking more pride in their appearance, exercising or dieting.

The most effective way of gathering information to establish whether or not an affair is taking place is to carry out a period of covert surveillance deploying mobile, foot or static surveillance teams and in certain circumstances the use of real time live GPS vehicle tracking systems.

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Peace of Mind Investigations

If a member of your family is involved with someone you have reservations about, or you are worried about someone you care about and you would like some proof before voicing your concerns, then a Peace of Mind Investigation can help you either dispel your suspicions or provide you with the evidence you need to voice your concerns backed by objective information.

Divorce Surveillance Investigations

Divorce settlements can be affected by ex partners who enter into new relationships. Where settlements come into dispute, surveillance can be used to provide proof of cohabitation.

Neighbourhood Investigations

Is anti social behaviour causing you concern and do you need help in obtaining proof of what is happening? Whether it is rowdy teenagers, noisy or disruptive neighbours, our investigators have a range of solutions such as covert surveillance cameras to assist you in gathering the proof you need to put an end to the disruption.

Covert CCTV

Covert surveillance video cameras can be used to gather information on disruptive behaviour, theft, damage to property or trespass.